For men that like to take care of themselves we offer a range of male treatments that are specifically formulated to male needs. Facials have many benefits, not least younger looking skin. We believe that regular skin fitness facilals can help to slow down your skin’s natural aging process, resulting in fewer wrinkles and a brighter, more youthful complexion. Massage is another therapeutic way to help restore your balance and wellbeing. Our Deep Tissue Massage treatments release muscle tension counteracting the effects of stress and anxiety and allowing your body to move more freely and feel healthier.


Deep Tissue Massage

A fantasic way to relieve tight muscles and ease tension


30min - £30

60min - £46



We use a calming tea tree cream wax to ensure the most gentle and hygienic treatment possible. A specialised hot wax is used for more sensitive areas.


Eyebrow wax - £12

Back wax - £22

Chest wax from - £15

Underarm wax - £13